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Purpose, Mission, Vision and Legacy

Mission and vision statements define, in grand terms, "what" a company plans to do and "how" they plan to do it. To be truly successful, company mission and vision statements should be aligned with the mission and vision of the people who work there.

This is the case at Scavo's Consulting. The personal missions and visions of our employees are about making the world a better place to live in. We use our skills, talents and experience to make this happen.

Our Purpose Our Mission
Our purpose is to create opportunities to communicate and educate.

It is our belief that through communication and education of customers, employees, and shareholders, we can create a better world.
Our Mission is to be the number one provider of ethical, ecological, results oriented business consulting services in the United States by 2012.

As we've all seen and heard over the last ten years, not all business leaders seek to grow and prosper ethically. Using our skill, talent and experience, we will teach and lead business to provide products and services that are safe for their employees, their customers and the planet.
Our Vision Our Legacy
Our Vision is to align the personal and business goals of business leaders in such a way that they positively impact their business, their community and the planet.

We know that business leaders and the people they work with have the ability to heal and prosper the world on a global scale. It is our desire to empower and motivate these individuals to make postive change on a global scale.
Our Legacy is to leave behind business leaders that actively seek to empower their customers, employees and community to create peace, happiness and prosperity on the planet.

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